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Monday, September 12, 2011


Hi friends, I would like to share an interesting article in "How India" on the comparative study of Indian and American English by Anu Veluri. Both Indian and American English have very interesting history. English seeped into the Indian subcontinent through the establishment of the East India Company. American English is an offshoot of various tribes that migrated all over from their places to the new continent which proved to be a heaven of their desires. Indian schools teach British English. The spelling of color inevitably has to be ‘colour’ in India. In America however that vowel stands deleted. ‘To shift’ in Indian English is ‘To move in American English’. Half-pant, handbag, wind cheaters and jumpers of Indian English are shorts, purse, wind breakers and sweaters in American English. What Indians say 5th class/standard is 5th grade in American English. A University is called/termed ‘School’ in American English. Biscuit in Indian English is a cracker or cookie in American. Similarly curd is yoghurt, coriander is cilantro and dry grapes or sultanas are raisins in American English. Indian Autumn is ‘Fall’ in American and Indian gramophone is record player in American English. Indians ‘give’ test. Americans ‘take’ test. Indian ‘schedule’ becomes American ‘skedule’. What Indians call ‘dispensary’ is ‘pharmacy’ in America. A footpath or a pavement is sidewalk in America. Parking place is parkway in America. It’s Ground floor in Indian English what’s ‘basement’ in American English. Indians say ‘cousin brother/sister’ in America it’s just ‘cousins’. Mother tongue is ‘first language’ in America. Petrol station is ‘gas station’ in America. Americans need a ‘flash light’ and Indians need a ‘torch light’. Indian specs or spectacles are ‘reading glasses’ in America. Trunk calls or STDs are long distance calls in America. Bunking in Indian English is ‘skipping class’ in America. Prepone in Indian English is ‘forwarded’ in American. A Loose motion is Indian English. Diarrhea is American. Indian hill stations are mountain resorts in America. Indian Brinjals are auburgines/eggplants in America. Indian ‘flat’ is ‘apartment’ in American. Below given is the list of Indian spellings that are spelt differently in America. Kindly take a note of these spellings. The first word is the Indian spelling and the second word that follows the comma is the American. Colour, color Favourite, favorite Programme, program Honour, honor Memorise, memorize Analyse, analyse Enrolment, enrollment Fulfil, fulfill Centre, center Theatre, theater Analogue, analog Metre, meter Encyclopaedia, encyclopedia Mediaeval, medieval Catalogue, catalog Manoeuvre, maneuver Cheque, check Judgement, judgment Licence, license Plough, plow Pyjamas, pajamas Draught, draft Ageing, aging Tyre, tire Dreamed, dreamt The lists are potentially unending. If you are in possession of some more interesting differences like these do share with us here, straight away. Well, straight away is right away in American English.