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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rewrite as directed

affirmative action : A circle of brown cardboard cutout men on an isolated white studio background

Rewrite as directed

1. People speak English all over the world. (Begin with English)
2. People are watching the show. (Begin with ‘the show’)
3. The police have arrested the thief. (Begin with ‘the thief’)
4. He wrote the book last year. (Begin with ‘the book’)
5. Some boys were helping the wounded man. (Begin with ‘the wounded man’)
6. People play football all over the world. (Begin with ‘football’)
7. They haven’t yet announced the news. (Begin with ‘the news’)
8. Students are to write the answers on both sides of the paper. (Begin with ‘the answers’)
9. Nobody invited him. (Begin with ‘he’)
10. We find coconut palms in many parts of the world. (Begin with ‘coconut palms’)
1. English is spoken all over the world.
2. The show is being watched by the people.
3. The thief has been arrested by the police.
4. The book was written last year.
5. The wounded man was being helped by some boys.
6. Football is played all over the world.
7. The news has not yet been announced.
8. Answers are to be written on both sides of the paper.
9. He was not invited.
10. Coconut palms are found in many parts of the world.